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Are you the kind of person who seeks resolution for problems and takes responsibility for creating positive outcomes?

Then this VIP Experience is for you!
If you are ready to do the work of disrupting negative habits and patterns that prevent you from being free to live as who you most deeply want to be, then.... 
Welcome to my world where healing is imminently possible.
As a mentor my sole focus hinges on helping you let go of endlessly thinking about your traumatic past in favor of proactively building your calm, confident and in control present.
No psycho-babble, cookie-cutter re-examination of your story (you've done that enough, haven't you?).
Instead, in this conversation you're going to learn about what it takes to go from chaos to control, plus start designing your own customized process for creating transformative solutions.
During this thirty-minute discussion you and I will cover:
  • Three phases of trauma recovery
  • Nine transformational steps from beginning to end 
  • Assessing where you are in the process
  • What others just like you have done to create the outcomes they desire
  • 2-3 smart, actionable ideas you can use right away to add momentum to your process 
At the end of that conversation, if it feels right to explore how you and I might collaborate to help you move into the freedom of your fully expressed, feel-good, true self, I'll open up time for that so we can immediately develop a plan.
In my private practice I offer three- (3), six- (6) and twelve- (12) month customized programs designed to help you create the recovery results you've been wanting but haven't been able to realize.
Based on my personal recovery success and fifteen years of research, study and practical application with clients I've developed an approach to trauma resolution and identity construction that is clear, focused and strategic.
Collaborating with me might be appropriate if you are ready to invest time, energy and resources in yourself, your journey, and your process of achieving freedom.
Ready to learn how to change the way you think, feel and behave? Two simple steps: book the time, submit the application below.
NOTE: The VIP Experience will only be considered confirmed when you fill out the application.
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