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I feel so passionate about using my voice 

Mental Health Advocacy

When I completed my PTSD recovery I felt compelled to raise awareness, share information and disperse education about trauma, PTSD and healing so that other survivors could heal faster while friends and family understood (and so supported) better.

I began in 2008 with a PTSD blog, then expanded to a radio show, podcast series and multiple books. I've been fortunate to be recognized by and integrated into a media community that supports my advocacy intentions.

This page shares some selected interviews and other media outlets that will deepen your understanding of me and my perspective, plus offer helpful resources. Enjoy!

Interviewer: Dr. Justin Marchegiani on Just In Health

About: Michele Rosenthal talks about everything PTSD. From identifying who gets posttraumatic stress disorders to discussing strategies to help with PTSD recovery, Michele speaks about the importance of being ready to go through the recovery process in order to succeed. Michele also shares her wounded healer journey and how she was able to recover from PTSD with her non-pharmaceutical approaches in this podcast interview. Learn about hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming and how these can significantly aid in PTSD recovery.

Episode 147 Michele Rosenthal.jpg

In this episode, Michele chats with Melissa Wilson about her story of how she's been able to reclaim her identity and find joy again after suffering from PTSD symptoms for almost 30 years.

The Zen AF Podcast

Interviewer: Debbie Hudzik

About: Michele shares her personal story, the science behind healing, and how everyone can have hope about feeling better.

A Warrior's Garden Presents...

Inteviewer: Malachais Gaskin

About: Veteran and founder of A Warrior's Garden, Malachias Gaskin, interviews Michele about trauma, PTSD, recovery and the role of identity in the healing process.

Beyond Your Past Radio

Inteviewer: Matthew Pappas

About: During this chat Matt and Michele cover what it means to fully heal from trauma and what that looks like; the layers that make up shame and blame in trauma recovery; fear, identity, and how to create a healing rampage.



From anxiety to depression, from trauma to grief and hope

Small Biz Chat

Interviewer: Melinda Emerson

About: Michele explains how to manage chronic stress as a small business owner and entrepreneur with immediately actionable tips and strategies.

LifeHakx Part 1

Inteviewer: Mary Collins

About: In this 2-part series Michele shares how to manage stress during the holidays, including seven actionable tips you can use today - and every day of the year.

My Wakeup Call

Inteviewer: Dr. Mark Goulston

About: I'm enormously delighted, honored and privileged to contribute to Dr. Goulston's mission in this meaningful way. Lots of meaty healing talk in this episode, including Dr. G walking me through a beautiful healing protocol!

The Business Of Story

Inteviewer: Park Howell

About: Telling the right story for your brand of self or brand of business depends on your ability to embody a strong and positive identity. This interview reviews the neuroscience behind how your past affects your present identity, and what you can do to free yourself from those effects.

LifeHakx Part 2

Interviewer: Mary Collins

About: In this 2-part series Michele shares how to manage stress during the holidays, including seven actionable tips you can use today - and every day of the year.

Before Your Kill Yourself

Inteviewer: Leo Flowers

About: Michele and comedian, Leo Flowers, take a deep dive into trauma, depression, PTSD, healing, and what it take to come out of the darkness into the light with clarity, confidence and a plan.

The Depression Files

Inteviewer: Al Levin

About: From death's door to the dance floor, this interview covers the gritty details (warning: some content graphic) of Michele's trauma experience, plus how she lived with PTSD for almost 30 years... and then healed.

Arash's World

Interviewer: Arash Farzaneh

About:  Effective ways to recover from trauma (conventional and alternative methods), plus neuroscience, hypnosis, and NLP to help alleviate PTSD and gain emotional freedom.

Narcissist Apocolypse

Interviewer: Brandon Chadwick

About: For survivors of narcisistic abuse this podcast covers everything: from the definition of trauma as it applies to NA, to PTSD, to an organized approach to healing.

Postcards to the Universe

Interviewer: Melisa Caprio

About: In honor of PTSD Awareness Month Michele and Melisa get frank about PTSD education, recovery and what it takes to feel better after trauma.

Seek The Joy Podcast

Interviewer: Sydney Weiss

About: Michele talks about joy and its place in healing trauma.

Reclaiming Your Identify After Trauma

Interviewer: Van Nuys

About: Michele's approach to healing identity after trauma and why it's such a crucial element of recovery.

Anxiety Slayer: Overcoming PTSD with Michele Rosenthal

Interviewer: Shann

About: Defining PTSD (signs, symptoms, causes) and how to manage and overcome this anxiety disorder.

Heal my PTSD! with Michele Rosenthal

Interviewer: Chris Williams

About: Chris and Michele discuss the role of hope in life after trauma.

The Anxiety Coaches Podcast

Interviewer: Gina Ryan

About: Today's episode brings the wisdom of Author Michele Rosenthal who suffered with PTSD for over 25 years and is  is 100% PTSD free now for over 10 years! Gina and Michele explore where healing begins and how you too can clear your anxiety-panic and PTSD. 

Your Life After Post Traumatic Stress(PTSD): Michele Rosenthal

Interviewer: Deb Scott

About: As a trauma survivor herself, Michele understands first-hand the complex struggle of battling PTSD.   She suffered and went undiagnosed for over 25 years before launching a successful “healing rampage” campaign.

Recovering From PTSD and Emotional Trauma

Interviewer: Authentic Healing Coach

About: Most people with PTSD think they're alone. They think it's just "normal" to be anxious all the time and suffer from emotional breakdowns on a regular basis. Michele Rosenthal was one of them...

The Healthcare Whisperer

Interviewer: Hari Khalsa

About: Shock, trauma and fears the country was facing after recent shootings.

Chemo Brain? Or PTSD?

Interviewer: The Savvy Sister

About: The intersection of cancer and PTSD symptoms. 

Healing Trauma with Michele Rosenthal

Interviewer: Christie Aphrodite on TruthBrigade Radio

Welcome To Transitions Home From Trauma: With Guest Michele Rosenthal

Interviewer: Darren Michael Gregory

About: Today's Guest, Michele Rosenthal, discusses the value of developing and living a 'Post Trauma Identity' as a full expression of recovery from PTSD to an experience beyond survival.

The Blended Family Podcast

Interviewer: Melissa

About: Michele shares about her personal story dealing with PTSD; the challenges of PTSD in a blended family; recovery process; going on a healing rampage; how joy helps overcome PTSD; what holds survivors back from healing their PTSD; how family can help one cope with PTSD.

Depression 180 Presents... End Depression Now

Interviewer: Craig Meriwether

About: Experts offer advice about overcoming depression.

Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life

Interviewer: Irene Weinberg

About: Michele shares about the intersection of trauma and grief.

The Trauma Therapist Project

Interviewer: Guy Macpherson

About: Guy and Michele discuss her approaching as a practitioner and advice for others in the field.

Dr. Sue Cornbluth Show: Beyond Divorce

Interviewer: Dr. Sue Cornbluth

About: Dr. Sue and Michele discuss the traumatic impact of high-conflict divorce, plus how to productively manage the healing process.

Neuroscience Behind Relationship Beliefs

Interviewer: Heather Garbutt
About: Heather and Michele discuss the neuroscience behind relationship beliefs and how to create breakthroughs.

Depression, Anxiety and Phobia Summit

Interviewer: Melford Gibbons
About: Mel interviews Michele about how to manage depression during trauma and PTSD recovery, plus how this process impacts and includes families.

The Manifesting Event

Interviewer: Tasha Chen
About: How Toxic Emotions Interfere with Successful Manifesting

Celebration of Life Summit

Interviewer: Debbie Debonaire
About: Michele and Debbie discuss the dark despair of trauma and PTSD — and how to manage (and even overcome) it.

Money Trauma

Interviewer: Tasha Chen
About: Heal Your Money Trauma and Attract More CA$H with Ease

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Author Q&A plus interview transcript | Your Life After Trauma podcast


Heal Your PTSD:

Dynamic Strategies that Work


Reclaiming Your Identity

After Trauma

Studio shot 2.JPG

For many years I interviewed the top experts about how to heal trauma. The show was retired in 2015 but you can tune into more than 200 shows on demand any time you want education, inspiration, or information about how to move your personal journey forward and gain momentum.


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