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Before the World Intruded:
Conquering the Past and Creating the Future


At the age of thirteen Michele Rosenthal survived such a rare, life-threatening illness none of her doctors had actually seen a case. Out of the hospital and making a full recovery, she believed if she only looked toward the future she could escape the trauma in her past. Twenty-five years later, however, the young girl had become a woman imprisoned by memories, fear and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.


In a bid to reclaim her life and heal her soul Michele boldly left the world she knew in search of a self she could barely imagine. From New York City to South Florida she traveled on an odyssey that took her from the depths of despair to the heights of joy, from her kitchen floor to the dance floor, from a child frozen in helplessness to a woman who is powerful, courageous and free. In her transformation lie the seeds for anyone who wants to conquer the past and create the future. This transcendent book shows what can happen when you discover who you are and then choose who you most deeply want to be.


  1. Books For A Better Life Award

  2. Next Generation Indie Book Award

  3. International Book Award


read what professionals think of BEFORE THE WORLD INTRUDED

"The 26-year journey beautifully described in [this book] shows how deeply rooted trauma can become. Much can be learned by reading this book. Most importantly, Michele had the courage to seek an escape from the inescapable - and that is a choice that anyone afflicted with trauma... must make every day."

Ron Ruden, MD

"Stunning in its intimacy...

Michele's courage in deciding to face her PTSD and heal it is the message of this story."


William Krill, Jr., MSPC

"Whenever I feel sad that I've finished a book, I know I've been transformed by its pages. Michele's story is incredibly moving, and beautifully written.... her prose is rich, descriptive and fluid off the tongue."


Deborah Serani, PsyD

Your Life After Trauma:
Powerful Practices for Reclaiming Identity


Michele Rosenthal struggled with the effects of medically-induced post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for over 25 years before reaching a full recovery. Today, she is 100% free of symptoms of PTSD. In this book, she applies her personal experience and professional wisdom to offer readers an invaluable roadmap to overcoming their own trauma, in particular the loss of sense of self that often accompanies it.

Like a therapist in your back pocket, Your Life After Trauma guides you in finding answers to these tough questions. Expertly written by a helping professional who keenly understands the post-trauma identity crisis that is so common among trauma and PTSD sufferers, it is a simple, practical, hands-on recovery workbook. Filled with self-assessment questionnaires, exercises, tips, and tools—not to mention insightful personal and professional vignettes—it takes readers through a step-by-step process of healing the identity crisis, from understanding some of the basic brain science behind trauma and why you feel the way you do, to recognizing who you were (or had the potential to be) before the trauma, who you are today, after the trauma, and who you want to become. With this book by your side, it is possible to regain a sense of calm, confidence, and control on your road to recovery.


read what professionals think of YOUR LIFE AFTER TRAUMA

"Your Life After Trauma is an excellent resource for those trying to heal and find

their authenticity. Rosenthal's wisdom

can make it happen for you."

Bernie Siegel, MD

"Michele... has written a wise, compassionate, and comprehensive book on the profound loss of identity that occurs with post-traumatic stress, and offers a grounded, realistic approach for establishing a new sense of self that acknowledges and integrates the trauma, yet isn't defined by it."


Belleruth Naparstek, ACSW

"Michele's... [book] shows how PTSD,

whatever the cause, can be transformed from weakness to strength, and how one can grow strong from the breaks."


Larry Dossey, MD

Heal Your PTSD:
Dynamic Strategies That Work


Self-Help Measures to Supplement PTSD Recovery
How self-empowerment and committing to change can help readers get over trauma in recovery.

From an author with a history of PTSD. Following a critical illness, Michele Rosenthal struggled with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder for twenty-five years. Now, a post-trauma coach and award-winning writer, Rosenthal shares the program that helped her and others.


Recovering from trauma in a new way. Trauma and recovery have never been easy, and with different trauma disorders, there is no one solution. Whether it’s psychological trauma or emotional trauma, by exerting self and emotional control, readers can examine how, when, and in what way to move toward recovery.


Self-treat and connect to your own beliefs. Find stages and exercises to build a flexible, unique system that strengthens trauma recovery. Inside, learn how to:


--Connect to your own power and authentic self
--Apply self-help measures like mindfulness and meditation
--Handle trauma symptoms and recovery obstacles


read what professionals think of HEAL YOUR PTSD

"Rosenthal encourages others with the disorder to use the lessons and tools that she says turned her life around. This is a cheerleading, you-can-do-it kind of book, with step-by-step lifestyle modifications."


Nancy Szokan, The Washington Post

"Heal Your PTSD is not just a book to help you get past your trauma, it will also help you finally heal from it and get over it."


Mark Goulston, MD

"An ideal workbook for trauma survivors to use in their journey to emotional health."


Robert Scaer, MD

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