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Welcome to a world where it is entirely possible to feel better after trauma.

Ready to start training your brain? Download the audio...

Hi, I'm Michele Rosenthal -- Trauma Recovery Specialist and a survivor who struggled with PTSD for almost 30 years. That is, until I made a 100% recovery!

Now, I'm on a mission to help mid-life entrepreneurs and business professionals heal faster than I did. You have a lot to do in the second half of your life! One thing you can do to start feeling better today is to train your brain for peace and calm.


With the use of brain training done on consecutive days (minimum = 30 days -- science shows 63 is even more effective), over time you might expect to experience better ability to concentrate, more ease falling asleep (and staying asleep), increased ability to focus, longer-lasting improved and stabilized mood, strengthened tools for self-regulation, and an overall feeling of lowered hyperarousal.

Watch the video above for an introduction to the use of brain training in the recovery process. And then, enter your info in the form so that we can send your FREE 20-minute brain training audio. Use it for 30 consecutive days and email me to let me know the changes you experience!

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