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Change your behavior through conscious strategy


Therapy focuses on analyzing the past. Coaching focuses on creating change in the present.

True and sustainable healing means moving away from the need to discuss what happened to you and move toward the desire to create a life that integrates your trauma into the larger picture of you we are. You are so much more than your past. Our intention will be to remove the layers of trauma that prevent you from being your whole, real self; and then, set that whole self free to live gloriously and happily on your own terms.

In our coaching work together we will honor and respect the past even though the majority of our time will be spent on working with whom and where you are today. Plus, we'll focus on creating changes that allow you to move closer and even closer still to the person you wish to be tomorrow.

Psychology Patient


Coaching is an approach to change based on a  unique relationship between you and me. Together, we build a partnership in which you are empowered to choose, investigate, explore, discover, commit and decide how you want to change and in what way you wish to achieve those changes. With your clear intention we create a deliberate set of actions and implementation plan to help you achieved the desired results.

Of course, I bet you've already thought about how and in what way you wish to change. Probably, you've thought about that a lot! The hiccup becomes that while we can investigate our own issues we very often have trouble seeing, finding and uncovering their solutions.

That's where I come in. With well-trained and highly developed skills a professional certified coach knows just how to gently lead you out of the maze of your own thoughts and into the vast landscape of solutions. Techniques can include specific questioning patterns, energy processes, creative practices, laser focus, emotional connection, personal transformation, plus conversion of inner purpose and passion to outer strategies and results.

In short, coaching is a powerful alliance between the coach and client that uplevels energy and provides ongoing support while supplying the client with tools and structure to accomplish the changes he or she wishes to see in self, life and healing. 

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