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(one of the Certified Therapy Dogs who works with me -- and audio-bombed this video!)


In the presence of trauma you want to be the best clinician, friend, family member or colleague you can be, which means being as trauma-informed as possible.

The more you understand the basics of trauma the better you'll be able to position your work with clients, or your support for friends, family and yourself.

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trauma cheat sheet

This document offers a full overview of trauma's symptoms, causes, and identifiers so that you and your clients have a baseline to begin assessing and normalizing their experience.

Do you, a friend, colleague, family member or client have PTSD? Use this quick 22-question test (modeled on the DSM-V PTSD criteria) to form a baseline overview of trauma reactivity. While this cannot diagnose a condition, it is a very useful tool to share with a licensed mental health professional.

neuroscience video

This training video introduces you (and your clients) to basic neuroscience facts that help explain how a thought (i.e. that negative thought they keep thinking) becomes a physical reaction (i.e. that anxiety attack they've been having). 
With this easy explanation clients you will be able to start helping every client understand how to begin reclaiming control.

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