Healing trauma is about reconnecting with 


You have enormous healing potential; the goal is learning to access it.

You deserve to heal. You deserve to be free of the effects of the past. You deserve to reclaim (or even develop for the first  time) a sense of identity that feels good, empowered and purposeful. Together that's what we will do.

Using healing  modalities designed to create a recovery process that is gentle, effective, and guided by you -- your likes and dislikes, pacing and comfort level -- together we will create your personalized trauma recovery program. 

Your healed self already exists. Your mission now: Catch up.

Trauma recovery requires that you move through a series of processes designed to help you shed the past, step into the present and create the future you most desire. 

Yet, that process happens while you are still living your life.


This means that the effects of trauma and recovery impact you, plus all of your relationships, including family, friends and colleagues.


To best serve the full trauma recovery process together you and I will address healing practices to cover the entire realm of your life.

All collaboration available via in-person meetings, by phone or online through Zoom/Skype.



Friends &

Family Consult

1 hour, $250

The time of trauma and/or PTSD diagnosis in a family can be very intense; it makes total sense that the family unit might experience disarray. Questions are inevitable about what trauma and PTSD are, how they function, what the healing journey holds, and how this all impacts the familial unit. Together we'll identify all of your questions and extensively cover the answers.

Trauma Recovery

Laser Discovery

2 hours, $500

A tightly focused, 4-step session includes trauma education, coping skills development and some  transformational healing work. As time allows we might include DIY and other recommendations for moving forward in any of the following areas: recovery mindset, daily healing practices, relationship management, career development, post-trauma purpose definition, identity assessment, and planning a foundational long-term strategy for feeling more empowered, focused, creative, and motivated to succeed. 

Calm, Confident,

& In Control

12 weeks, 2 hours/week, $6,000

A 3-phase personalized strategy to organize a recovery plan, create clarity, increase momentum, craft your unique trauma recovery process, reduce symptoms, minimize triggers, improve mood and emotional stability,  resolve trauma-related symptoms, and (re)create an identity designed and aligned with who you want to be in your life, your work, your love, and your soul. (Includes unlimited email and text support between sessions.)