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Your healed self already exists. Your mission now: Catch up.

Trauma recovery requires that you move through a series of processes designed to help you shed the past, step into the present and create the future you most desire. 

Yet, that process happens while you are still living your life. This means that the effects of trauma and recovery impact you, plus all of your relationships, including family, friends and colleagues. To best serve the full trauma recovery process I offer coaching options that cover the entire realm of your life.

(All options available via in-person meetings, by phone or online through Zoom/Skype.)


You, me, and a desire to heal are three strong components to kick off your healing rampage. Using gentle and specific modalities designed to assist healing trauma we'll work with a dynamic recovery focus while also sticking to a pace that feels comfortable to you.


Trauma recovery and the management of symptoms can have dramatic effects on a relationship. As a couple, learning how trauma creates psychological, biological and physiological changes helps reduce a sense of overwhelm. Creating ways to approach the healing process together strengthens the romantic bond, lessens friction, and infuses a collaborative energy in the union.


When a survivor goes through the healing process every family member is affected. Roles, boundaries and tasks change. Frustration can increase while a sense of closeness decreases. Learning how to cope and thrive as a family throughout the recovery process creates a safe space for healing while helping the family maintain its bonds.


Often underappreciated and always asked to absorb the brunt of a survivor’s range of emotions, the role of a caregiver can create enormous compassion fatigue, frustration and confusion. Private coaching for you will facilitate understanding how trauma affects the brain, plus how to cope with the survivor lifestyle and still be a positive, nurturing and loving presence -- while taking care of yourself in ways that help lessen the strain.


Isolation and withdrawal are common aspects of the survivor experience. Being with others who deeply understand you can make a huge difference in how you cope. These monthly meetings are geared to allow survivors to express, connect and collaborate on the recovery journey in a safe, secure and loving space. Bring your questions, problems, challenges, confusion and successes. Together we’ll sort out fact versus fiction, reality versus illusion and identify concrete steps for moving forward developing meaningful connections.




trauma recovery jumpstart




2 hours

A tightly focused session includes transformational healing work via multiple modalities,  plus offers DIY and other recommendations for moving forward in your recovery.

Calm, Confident & Crazy Happy



9  weekly 2-hour sessions

5-phase personalized strategy to clear out chaos, create clarity, craft your unique trauma recovery process, and resolve trauma-related symptoms.

Includes email and text support between sessions.






12 weekly sessions

A guided (small) group experience to expand coping skills, find support in community, and learn how to actively manage recovery.

recovery program



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